Mini Sausage Rolls: Pork and beef sausage wrapped in puff pastry, served with HP Brown Sauce and Stone Ground Mustard. 

Suggested servings ~10 people $59.99

Fruit & Cheese Platter: Assorted fruits and cheese, served with a yogurt sauce. 

Suggested servings~ 10  $59.99

Vegetable Crudite Platter: Assorted vegetables, served with house made ranch. 

Suggested servings~10 $59.99

Charcuterie: Assorted meats and cheese, served with a toasted baguette and stone ground mustard. 

Suggested servings~10 $84.99

Avocado Deviled Eggs:  Deviled eggs made with avocado, lime, and garlic, topped with jalapeno, cilantro and paprika.

Suggested servings~20  $74.99

Caramelized Onion and Dungeness Crab Dip: Hot dip made with Dungeness crab, goat cheese, parmesan cheese, and caramelized onions, served with a toasted baguette.

Suggested servings~10 $84.99

Corn and Bacon Dip: Hot dip made with corn, bacon, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and green chiles. 

Suggested servings~10 $74.99

Pickled Vegetables:  Assorted house pickled vegetables, served with stone ground mustard. 

Suggested servings~10 $59.99


Steak & Mushroom Pie: Steak and mushrooms in a red wine demi-glace. 

Suggested servings~1 $12.99

Chicken Pie: Chicken breast, peas, carrots, and corn in a rosemary cream sauce.

Suggested servings~1 $12.99

Lamb Curry Pie: Braised lamb, potatoes, peas, carrots in a traditional Indian curry. 

Suggested servings~1 $12.99

Guinness Irish Stew Pie: Beef marinated in Guinness beer, potatoes, carrots and onion with a savory beef gravy. 

Suggested servings~1 $12.99

Shepherd’s Pie: Ground beef, onion, peas and carrots with a mashed potato top. 

Suggested servings~1 $12.99

Scottish Pie: Ground beef, oats, and traditional Scottish seasoning. 

Suggested servings~1 $12.49

Tillamook Mac & Cheese Pie: Elbow macaroni, melted five cheese sauce, and herbed breadcrumb topping. 

Suggested servings~1 $12.49

Chicken and Hatch Green Chile Pie: Chicken breast, hatch green chiles, corn, black bean, and poblano pepper with a corn masa top.

Suggested servings~1 $12.49

Steak & Cheese Pasties: Shaved beef, monterey jack cheese, onions and peppers. Served in pairs. Suggested servings~1 $13.49

Seattle Pasties: Traditionally seasoned beef with Middle Fork Espresso. Served in pairs.

Suggested servings~1 $13.49

Vegetable Curry Pasties: Potatoes, chickpeas, carrots, cauliflower, peas, onions, cabbage and peppers simmered in our house curry. Served in pairs.

Suggested servings~1 $13.49

Bangers & Mash: Irish sausage, mashed potatoes, gravy, and caramelized onions. 

Suggested servings~10 $224.99


Broccoli Slaw:  Cabbage, broccoli, carrots, craisins and sunflower seeds tossed in our house-made sweet and tangy dressing. 

Suggested servings~20 $84.99

Caesar Salad: Crisp romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons, lemon, and house made caesar dressing. 

Suggested servings~20 $84.99

Caprese Salad: Cherry tomatoes, mozzarella pears, and basil with our house balsamic vinaigrette.

Suggested servings~15 $84.99

Minted Pea & Bacon Salad: Petite peas, red onion, water chestnuts, and bacon tossed in a mint sour cream dressing. 

Suggested servings~20 $84.99

Mashed Potatoes with Gravy: House made mashed yukon gold potatoes served with house made beef gravy. 

Suggested servings~10 $59.99

Loaded Mashed Potatoes: House made mashed yukon gold potatoes served with cheddar cheese, bacon, and sour cream. 

Suggested servings~10 $84.99

Beef & Bean Chili: Ground beef, pinto beans, onion, peppers, corn, garlic, tomato and green chiles. 

Suggested servings~10 $89.99


Apple Peach Cobbler: Brown sugar spiced apples and peaches topped with an oat streusel.

Suggested servings~1 $12.99

Cherry Berry Pie: Cherries, marionberries and blueberries with a poppyseed shortcake topping.

Suggested servings~1 $12.99

Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding: Chocolate cinnamon custard, chocolate chunks and fresh bananas. 

Suggested servings~1 $12.99

Creme brulee: Crackling organic sugar crust, honey vanilla custard, fresh berries.

Suggested servings~15 $129.99

Cookies: 1 dozen chocolate chip cookies.

Suggested servings~12 $44.99


Assorted Soda (10): Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite $49.99

Assorted Juice (10): Apple, Orange $49.99

Water (10): $44.99


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